Simon Kerby

Simon started his horological career at G E Marsh Antique Clocks in Winchester, where he remained for nearly 30 years.
During his time at G E Marsh Simon completed his apprenticeship, earning himself the rare title of Freeman of the Clockmakers' Company by Servitude.
During his time at the bench Simon has been fortunate enough to have been entrusted with repairs to some of the world's most revered clockmakers' works, including Tompion, Knibb, Breguet and Quare to name a few. 


Alice Taylor

Alice started work at The Clock Work Shop in Winchester in 2012 under the guidance of the owner, Kevin Hurd.
After a year of working at the bench she decided to further her knowledge by enrolling at Birmingham City University for their BA Hons Horology degree course.
As part of her degree course, in her final year, Alice crafted a miniature verge bracket clock movement from her own design and was awarded a First Class Honours.
She now works firmly under the guidance of Simon and continues to progress with her restoration skills.


Taylor & Kerby

With the relocation of the retail premises of The Clock Work Shop in Winchester and the retirement of Gerald Marsh, Alice and Simon decided to open their own workshop in Hampshire at the Weyhill Fairground, a busy craft centre on the outskirts of Andover.
In the workshop Simon's speciality is complicated clock restorations and he enjoys taking notes and detailed observations before commencing work on a movement.
Alice specialises in crafting replacement parts and hopes soon to master the skills for wheel and pinion cutting.
Their premises boasts a range of precision engineering and horological machinery, bench space, a testing area for serviced clocks... oh, and a small room for Jasper the dog of course!